Disrupt Yourself (And Grow) <br> With Whitney Johnson

Award-winning author, growth visionary, and host of the “Disrupt Yourself” podcast Whitney Johnson talks about decision making, mastering FOMO, and tapping into what she calls The Great Aspiration for growth.

Creating a Life that Matters <br> with Terri Trespicio

Author of the new book Unfollow Your Passion: How to Create a Life that Matters to You, Terri Trespicio talks about unsubscribing to other peoples’ agendas, the dangers of performative passion, and how life outside your comfort zone is overrated.

Leaning Into <br> The Lean Startup

Global innovation experts Steve Blank and Peter Newell explain the importance of adopting a lean methodology for entrepreneurs, corporations, and even government agencies in order to innovate and build growth.