Jennifer Wallace <br> on Toxic Achievement Culture

Jennifer Wallace on Toxic Achievement

Today on FOMO Sapiens we peel back the layers of toxic achievement culture with author Jennifer Wallace. Learn how setting personal policies helped her prioritize what truly matters, all while saying ‘no’ with kindness and conviction.

The Performance Paradox <br> with Eduardo Briceño

Eduardo Briceño and Patrick McGinnis - Performance Paradox

Join Eduardo Briceño as he shatters the ‘more performance, more success’ myth and reveals the surprising path to peak performance in our chat about ‘The Performance Paradox’ – it’s time to learn, grow, and thrive!

MIT’s Zeynep Ton <br> on How to Create Good Jobs

MIT’s Zeynep Ton on the transformative potential of offering good jobs in the business world. Discover why investing in employees is not only profitable but also essential for long-term success and learn how companies can adapt to the changing workforce amidst technological disruptions.