Best of FOMO SAPIENS <br> Finding the Courage to Monetize Your Talents

Finding the Courage to Monetize your talents

Dorie Clark is an author and entrepreneur who has built a thriving portfolio career that currently generates nine (!) revenue streams. She’s also a Grammy award-winning producer and an aspiring Broadway lyricist. In this episode, Dorie explains how you can try out all kinds of things you’d like to do and then find the courage to make money off of them.

Scaling a Startup in Asia

Ron Baetiong, a successful entrepreneur from the Philippines and founder of Pod Machine, shares his insights on entrepreneurship in the Philippines, his personal journey as an entrepreneur, and practical advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Is Ethical AI Even Possible?

Reid Blackman, a bioethicist and author of “Ethical Machines”, shares his insights on the ethical considerations surrounding artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Sebastian Errazuris Decodes AI

In this episode of FOMO Sapiens, visionary Chilean designer Sebastian Errazuriz discusses the impact of generative AI on art and commerce, exploring the opportunities and challenges presented by this technology.

Sheena Iyengar on How to Think Bigger

Columbia Business School professor Sheena Iyengar talks about her latest book, “Think Bigger,” which features insights and advice from successful entrepreneurs. Iyengar shares stories and strategies from the book, emphasizing the importance of creativity, risk-taking, and resilience in entrepreneurship.

Jonah Berger on the Power of Words

Wharton professor Jonah Berger talks about his latest book, “Magic Words” and breaks down the psychology behind seven words that can inspire action and influence behavior, while providing practical tips for using them effectively.

Navigating Life’s Inflection Points

Matt Spielman, seasoned executive turned executive coach, discusses how to navigate inflection points in life, and unlock our potential through his Game Plan System.