Outpacing the Competition <br>with Jim Weber

CEO of Brooks Running Company Jim Weber shares highlights from his new book, Running with Purpose: How Brooks Outpaced Goliath Competitors to Lead the Pack and how passion and focus allowed him to build a brand that creates value for its customers.

Beat the Burnout Epidemic <br>with Jennifer Moss

Harvard Business Review contributor and Global Happiness Council member Jennifer Moss explores the root causes of burnout and how it became a global epidemic while sharing insights on how corporations and individuals can prevent burning out.

Radical Adaptability: <br>Post Pandemic Lessons in Leadership <br>with Keith Ferrazzi

The world has changed since the word “COVID” has been incorporated into our vocabularies. Ingrained into our brains, changing how we did our shopping, interacted with our loved ones, and totally reshaped the working world as we know it. Some companies were already onboard with the flexibility that remote work offered their employees and the […]

From Startup to Grown Up: <br> Coaching for Success with Alisa Cohn

This week on #FOMOSapiens, I get to speak with one of the best speakers and professional coaches around. Alisa Cohn advises corporations like Venmo, Google, Draft Kings, and Pfizer on topics like growth and leadership. She explains the ins and outs of the coaching industry and shares insights on how to maximize the coaching experience. […]

Lisa Skeete Tatum <br> & The Rise of the Risk Taker

The idea of taking risks can be scary simply because uncertainty can be terrifying. If we don’t take risks, though, how will we ever grow, not just as professionals but as human beings. This week on the FOMO Sapiens podcast, founder & CEO of Landit, Lisa Skeete Tatum, joins me to explain the importance of […]

The Mystery of the Vanished Instagram Influencer <br>with Harley Rustad

This week on the #FOMOSapiens podcast I get the chance to sit down with Harley Rustad to discuss his new book Lost in the Valley of Death: A Story of Obsession and Danger in the Himalayas where he recounts the story of social media travel influencer Justin Alexander who joined the ranks of dozens of […]

Reclaiming Your Financial Independence with MaryRuth Ghiyam

Often we don’t even realize the tools we have at our disposal. A lot of us are not good at recognizing our own skills, talents, and abilities because we take them for granted. We don’t realize that our unique personalities, strengths, and experiences are usually what will set us apart from the crowd and catalyze […]

Oso Trava on Entrepreneurship in Latin America

Entrepreneurialism is not a cultural phenomenon. It is not limited to one corner of the world or an elite class of professionals. Entrepreneurship is for all. But it certainly doesn’t look the same in every culture, in every country, or even in every city. Each professional industry and every community have their own standards, expectations, […]

The Business of Busyness with Juliet Funt

This week on the FOMO Sapiens podcast I sat down with entrepreneur, author, and speaker Juliet Funt to discuss her new book A Minute to Think and the business of busyness. Juliet is the CEO of The Juliet Funt Group, an organization that helps businesses, their leaders, and their employees flip the script on business […]