Reclaiming Your Financial Independence with MaryRuth Ghiyam

Often we don’t even realize the tools we have at our disposal. A lot of us are not good at recognizing our own skills, talents, and abilities because we take them for granted. We don’t realize that our unique personalities, strengths, and experiences are usually what will set us apart from the crowd and catalyze […]

Oso Trava on Entrepreneurship in Latin America

Entrepreneurialism is not a cultural phenomenon. It is not limited to one corner of the world or an elite class of professionals. Entrepreneurship is for all. But it certainly doesn’t look the same in every culture, in every country, or even in every city. Each professional industry and every community have their own standards, expectations, […]

The Business of Busyness with Juliet Funt

This week on the FOMO Sapiens podcast I sat down with entrepreneur, author, and speaker Juliet Funt to discuss her new book A Minute to Think and the business of busyness. Juliet is the CEO of The Juliet Funt Group, an organization that helps businesses, their leaders, and their employees flip the script on business […]

Magnus Resch: The Art World’s Most Practical Man

I have always argued that artists are entrepreneurs. Whether you are a sculptor, painter, musician, dancer, actor, or other performer, as an artist you are forced to sell yourself and your talent to casting directors, producers, and audiences alike, no different than pitching to investors or building a customer base. There is financial risk, market […]

Building Confidence and Income with Josh Peck

Overcoming self doubt is one of those things that is easier said than done. Oftentimes we see strengths and talents in others that we ourselves possess yet fail to give ourselves credit for. When it comes to our skills and talents, why should we be humble? Why shouldn’t we excuse perpetual confidence in our abilities […]

Think (And Act) Like An Entrepreneur With Josh Peck

After committing to his health and losing a hundred pounds, Josh Peck had to readapt his life, redefine his brand, and find his new place in the entertainment industry if he wanted a lasting career so he got creative. Thinking like an entrepreneur, Josh capitalized on early social media platforms to build an impressive following […]